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I drew this one too! Its Hybrid DNA, The Joker, and Spiderman’s DNA, mutating together. I though it would suit this txt.

Who would like to see sexy vocab on a daily basis?

I would!

And im going to start this right now!

Give me an hour, and we shall begin an epic journey together, into intimately learning something intimately new and inviting to the senses.

Lets all have better, more invigorating, passionate sex! Lets make the world a better place! One Good fuck at a time. (too much? HAHA! like i care)





question-marksHello again!

I just wanted to let everyone know that if you have any questions, or need advice on all that is sexual and relationships, to just drop me a line. And ill do my best to look into whatever it is you need and give answers!



Coitus Interruptus


they are not pulling out… they are smart, lol

Well, I’ve done a little bit of looking… and i can tell you this:

1. oldest form of birth control

2. ineffective

well then, isn’t that odd, you think coitus interruptus would work at least a little. But, it doesn’t. Could have told you that, I’ve got proof!

So guys, smarten up and bring rubbers–and put em on too!

And gals, go on some other form a birth control that doesn’t involve praying. Or learn how to swallow!HA!

Tidbit: Pull-N-Pray

So, i was google-ing along, trying to find interesting things to read. I searched “coitus” and got a link for “Coitus Interruptus.” Which translated to “Pulling Out.” Hmmph, interesting indeed. I never knew until today that there were such a medical term for the phrase. 

Now, I need to know more. i wonder how effective it truly is.

Im going to delve further into this topic, will be back, WITH ANSWERS!