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I drew this one too! Its Hybrid DNA, The Joker, and Spiderman’s DNA, mutating together. I though it would suit this txt.

Who would like to see sexy vocab on a daily basis?

I would!

And im going to start this right now!

Give me an hour, and we shall begin an epic journey together, into intimately learning something intimately new and inviting to the senses.

Lets all have better, more invigorating, passionate sex! Lets make the world a better place! One Good fuck at a time. (too much? HAHA! like i care)




WELCOME to LetsTalkAboutit!

Hello All!

My name is Cassie, I am a sex enthusiast, and believe me, I LOVE what i do!

Have you ever had lackluster sex? Ever felt like it were more like a customary, colorless, ritual in lieu of passion?

Well, we all have! We have all fallen into a bland love life-when all your thinking about is whats on the TV. That needs to change if you ask me! And, that’s what im here for.

I am Studying Psychology at Bunker Hill Community College, and im planning on earning at least a Master’s to start off my higher education. I love to learn and expand my mind, and i love to pass on my knowledge to others. Not to mention experimentation, one of the best things ever. We need to know how to let our inhibitions flow and experiment a little more.

In this blog, i plan to set a new sexual stigma, away from the norm.

I will pass everything on, Have the answer, and can find it i don’t.

I hope you all enjoy and discuss, and experiment! This is going to be so much fun! I can feel it!