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Coitus Interruptus


they are not pulling out… they are smart, lol

Well, I’ve done a little bit of looking… and i can tell you this:

1. oldest form of birth control

2. ineffective

well then, isn’t that odd, you think coitus interruptus would work at least a little. But, it doesn’t. Could have told you that, I’ve got proof!

So guys, smarten up and bring rubbers–and put em on too!

And gals, go on some other form a birth control that doesn’t involve praying. Or learn how to swallow!HA!


Tidbit: Pull-N-Pray

So, i was google-ing along, trying to find interesting things to read. I searched “coitus” and got a link for “Coitus Interruptus.” Which translated to “Pulling Out.” Hmmph, interesting indeed. I never knew until today that there were such a medical term for the phrase. 

Now, I need to know more. i wonder how effective it truly is.

Im going to delve further into this topic, will be back, WITH ANSWERS!