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WELCOME to LetsTalkAboutit!

Hello All!

My name is Cassie, I am a sex enthusiast, and believe me, I LOVE what i do!

Have you ever had lackluster sex? Ever felt like it were more like a customary, colorless, ritual in lieu of passion?

Well, we all have! We have all fallen into a bland love life-when all your thinking about is whats on the TV. That needs to change if you ask me! And, that’s what im here for.

I am Studying Psychology at Bunker Hill Community College, and im planning on earning at least a Master’s to start off my higher education. I love to learn and expand my mind, and i love to pass on my knowledge to others. Not to mention experimentation, one of the best things ever. We need to know how to let our inhibitions flow and experiment a little more.

In this blog, i plan to set a new sexual stigma, away from the norm.

I will pass everything on, Have the answer, and can find it i don’t.

I hope you all enjoy and discuss, and experiment! This is going to be so much fun! I can feel it!