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ImageSwitch is what I am meant to be.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading past few days, seen a lot of stuff on power exchange. I’ve noticed that people are mostly talking about how the sub gives his/her life to the Dom, and that the Dom does nothing in return. – Although, in the past, I myself have thought that my Dom was good to me then, and that my Dom treated me right. When it was just the lust of submission that blinding me. What blinded me most was myself, I kept telling myself that this was ok, to not get anything back, not a thing.

I think I may have found the – dare I even say – PERFECT equality.


Switch is when you can give, you love to give, he can give, and he loves to give too. Then, you take, and you love to – love to – take. And he takes, and boy does he nail me up. Take. Our blood begins to boil, and together, we’re pounce for pounce, tossing and growling and ripping and biting. Blood, sweat, tears, cum.

It’s a free-for-all at times, then suddenly, *switch* he says, and takes all the fight out of me. He can take all the power, and instantly I’m his, ready to please. At that moment – it’s so beautiful – he’s looking down at me; says, *good girl* and a satisfyingly scary shiver travels through me – from the inside out.

It’s an amazing bond unlike any other. It’s like what EVERYONE should get to experience in life. At least once, though it may hurt at times – literally – but *it feels so good too.*

Anything you’ve ever fantasized for, longed for. The other does for you, and you can do the same for him. Anything is up for debate with us, limits become infinite, and we become boundless within the chaos.  

Say, if my switch daddy wanted to put a pit-bulls’ leash around my neck

Say, if I wanted to put a pit-bulls’ leash around my switch daddy’s neck, and if I asked for it nicely, he would gladly empower me. Just like I would for him.

So, little confusing part, who is Dom first? We never know that for sure, that’s where the true power exchange comes from. And its equal, it’s incredibly different to be EQUAL. So parallel, there’s an open-mindedness that goes with this like none other. When you know, anything you take, you can give right back. Nothing but matched. Switched, and kissed.